Why Register

Why Should You Register Your Trade / Service Mark / Logo / Slogan?


If you use unique TRADE / BRAND NAMES / LOGO / SLOGAN in your business, it is important to register them considering the following facts:


  • You start off in a business with a new or coined (invented) trade/brand name to achieve a fortune by your sheer hardwork. In the course of achieving this aim, you build your reputation in the market which will be at stake because unscrupulous elements are out there to make fast gains by copying your unique Trade Name.
  • An unregistered Trade Mark is open for copying or misuse by competing firms and you cannot prevent them (competing firms) from copying your valued trade/brand name. By imitating your valued Trade / Brand name in a same business, the imitator projects an impression that he is your sister concern or a branch or he sells same quality product/service which in fact might not be true. Your imitator is taking unfair advantage of your popular brand name (born out of your investment and continuous hardwork), which no businessman can tolerate. Also his mis-deeds or poor quality products/services can affect your reputation badly
  • Registrar of Trade Marks under Government of India is the only competent and legal authority for entire country to control
    duplication of trade names in same businesses/products/services. When you register your Trade Mark you get exclusive legal rights to use that name in your business activity. Even Government Corporations / Companies go for Trade Mark Registration
  • You may be running a business under sole proprietorship. Your reputed Trade/Brand/Service name can be used (knowingly or unknowingly) by a Partnership firm, a Private Limited company or even by a Co-operative Society. Similarly, a Trade /Brand name under a Private Limited company can be used by a Sole Proprietorship or a Partnership or a Co-operative Society. There is no department to monitor these varied trade name registrations other than Trade Marks Registrar
  • Certain registrations take place only at State level (Eg. Registration of a Partnership firm or drug licence. There is no monitoring of Trade/Brand Names in one State by another State. There is every likelyhood of Business/Brand Name from one State being copied by an outfit in another State for similar product / business. This can affect the business prospects of a firm badly if it wants to market its products in other States
  • A Registered Trade Mark creates a better Brand image in the marketplace.
  • Last but not least, an unregistered Trade Mark is like a “Treasure House” unlocked. Lock it by Trade Mark Registration and secure complete protection of your business.