AZZET MARKS also offers professional consultancy services for implementing ISO Quality Certification across all industries and service segments.

What is ISO Management System Certification ?

ISO stands for International Organisation for Standardisation, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. ISO is the umbrella body which regulates Quality Certification for industries and organisations throughout the world. ISO has laid down well-structured procedures and systems for compliance by every type of manufacturer or service provider to ensure international standards. World over, there are over 700 certifying bodies accredited by ISO which conduct audits of Quality standards and award Quality Certificate as per ISO standards and guidelines.

Key Advantages of ISO Certification

  • It clearly lays down detailed procedures, policies and systems of International Standard for every activity/function in an organisation, be it a product manufacturer or service-provider, for providing international quality product or service.

  • There is proper control in the organisation which helps in cost reduction resulting in increased productivity and profitability.

  • Transparency and accountability achieved among staff and various departments. Entire workforce is motivated and they perform to the best of their abilities.

  • Customer is delighted as he/she is provided with superior quality product or service. Customer confidence increases creating a better Brand Image.

  • Organisation can penetrate global markets which helps in increased revenues and global recognition.

  • All in all, it leads to prosperity and peace of mind.

Important ISO Standards

Steps for ISO Quality Certification

Our Chief Consultant

Name: Dr. M. Sajeev
Qualifications: PGDBA, Ph.D (ISO 9000 QMS)
Experience: Over 20 years' experience in implementing various ISO Quality Standards & Systems.

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